Why Should I Join the FOP

We are there by your side during critical incidents!

Members of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 93 receive many benefits with their dues paying membership. Most importantly, your FOP Lodge 93 is member-driven to serve its members' needs. Our membership has consistently expressed their need to be represented in the event of an inquiry or investigation of alleged policy violation or misconduct and during critical incidents. We fully realize that most members seek full representation in all disciplinary matters to ensure that their best interests are being considered throughout the entire process.

Also, if our members are involved in a "critical incident" they are fully represented by the FOP Lodge 93 Critical Incident Team and Attorney, David Bigney. We are there by your side during critical incidents. If you are involved in a critical incident, there is no better feeling than knowing that your FOP 93 Representatives and Attorney are on-scene with you. We will respond and represent you from the beginning to the end. That is our FOP 93 commitment to our members.
Deputies in front of Sheriffs Office
Our members also want collective bargaining through contract negotiations with the Sheriff and his representatives. The FOP Labor Council Committee takes contract negotiations and keeping members informed very seriously. The Labor Council Committee uses negotiators, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to ensure that all decisions regarding negotiations are reasoned and measured responses to seek better working conditions through the collective bargaining process.

Sometimes members just have questions and need answers. FOP 93 provides those answers for you regarding the above matters. We take this charge very seriously and are committed to serving our members' best interests in all we do. Talk to anyone on the Executive Board of the FOP 93 about membership. We are over 1,200 members and growing.