About Us

FOP Lodge 93 represents the men and women of the Orange County Sheriff's Office (Orlando, FL)

We have over 1,200 members and provide Legal & Labor Relations representation for each of our members and bargaining classes. FOP Lodge 93 was founded in 1971 to represent the hard-working Deputies at the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

FOP Lodge 93 is part of the Grand Lodge of Fraternal Order of Police. Nationwide, the Fraternal Order of Police is the largest police union in the United States of America, representing over 355,000 FOP members. The FOP has been representing members for over 60 years.

Locally, FOP Lodge 93 is proud to be part of Fraternal Order of Police District 7 in Central Florida. District 7 encompasses 10 counties in Central Florida and 10 FOP Lodges. Those counties include: Brevard, Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter, and Volusia. FOP District 7 has over 2,500 members among the 24 individual Lodges in 10 counties.

Our Mission

To provide representation for all of our members during critical incidents, investigations, and to assist them with workplace issues at the Orange County Sheriff's Office (Orlando, FL).
To continually improve upon the Collective Bargaining Agreement between FOP Lodge 93 and the Orange County Sheriff's Office (Orlando, FL).
To foster and improve the relationships between our members and the communities we serve in law enforcement.
To support our members in their time of need to the best of our ability, guided by principled decision-making, honesty, and fairness.
To support and contribute to the overall mission of the Fraternal Order of Police - National, State, and Local lodges and their members.
To help, support, and provide for fraternal relationships with survivor's families of our fallen heroes whom we will NEVER forget.


We will secure and protect the workplace rights of the men and women in spruce green that protect and serve the citizens of Orange County, FL.
We will actively engage with our members in the community to create lasting bonds and relationships that can withstand the tests of time.
We aim to provide the highest-quality service possible by connecting with the community, emphasizing the highest degree of cooperation, professionalism and ethical behavior, and creating an atmosphere of safety and security.

Our association has proudly served the community for almost 50 years and we look forward to the many more. We are committed to creating a safe and prosperous community that generations for years to come will be able to enjoy.

To help us continue to serve you and the community we share, please consider joining our mission by participating in any one of our many events throughout the year or donating toward our cause. No amount or gesture goes unappreciated.
Thank you for your ongoing support. We are honored to serve the citizens and businesses of Orange County.