What to keep in mind while conducting employee background checks?


It has become an absolute necessity to conduct employee background checks before you handover any joining letters. It is very important in order to avoid any lawsuits or something even worse. But a background check helps only if done properly. And to do that you need to keep a few things in mind. These things are enlisted below.

What type of background to use? Backgrounds are of many types. You can either consider criminal, educational or financial records for this purpose. Financials have become a very important aspect for figuring out if a person could be a solid employee or not. However experts do not thing that it is the right criterion. A person’s financial status can be poor due to many reasons. You cannot easily predict how it affects his ability to work properly. So, instead you should focus on his previous jobs. Talking to his previous employers can tell you everything about his abilities and attitude. If the person has no experience then education becomes the primary criterion. You should make sure that all the details regarding the school and college are correct. You can use http://www.realbackgrounds.com for that.

How far back should you go? A background check often starts from the very beginning. Whether you have hired someone or are doing it yourself, it is obvious that you would look at the person’s childhood first. Again, this is a commonly used strategy but is not right. The experts of background checks suggest that the period of last 7 years of any person’s life is the perfect time. Taking a look at this time will tell you everything necessary about that person. You can go further, but it will just be wastage of time. To collect the information of the last 7 years, you can go to http://www.realbackgrounds.com.