Know what is a short circuit and how to address the same

Short circuit is one dangerous electrical fault which has claimed many a life till date. You might be surprised to know that even electricians have lost their lives despite all the knowledge of this subject. This shows that electricity does not spare anybody when it becomes angry. First of all one should know as to what is a short circuit. Current is supposed to travel through an intended path where it will encounter infinite resistance. Sometimes it may happen that the current might start flowing along an unintended path where there may be no impedance. This is known as short circuit. A short circuit is a result of an abnormal connection between the positive and the negative nodes. It may happen that on account of fraying of wires, the insulation gets roughed up and the wire gets exposed. If two wires come into contact with each other it may result in a short circuit.

A short circuit can occur at any point of time. The best mitigating measure adopted by the electrical companies is the use of a circuit breaker. The moment a short circuit occurs, the circuit breaker trips which restricts the flow of current to the other appliances. This prevents damage to other equipment. Short circuits have a reputation to burn down buildings. How to detect a short circuit and how to repair it? The best way is to open the main panel and check which breaker has tripped. Then you should find out which appliances are connected with the circuit. Unplug all these appliances and restore the circuit breaker switch to its original position. If it trips again then there is a problem with the wiring which requires the intervention of the electricien rambouillet who has to be called immediately as it is he alone who can check the wiring of the house.