Cash details in website Voyage Vietnam

One of the key determinants in any tour is concerning payment charges, deposit fee, refunds, and penalties just to mention a handful in the long list that there is. Without enough cash, it is most definite that the tour may not be fun. There so many arrangements to be made, services needed and bills to be paid. The website voyage Vietnam reveals all details related to finances starting from:

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  • Tour price

The website voyage Vietnam has the values of the tour price involved. The payment at Vietnam is exclusively in US dollars. It is also dependent upon double occupancy or rather basis of twin shares unless stated otherwise. Every tour cost depends on the mentioned services at the itinerary bit. Every service is offered as a whole just like it is stated and there are no components of breakdown of service.

  • Initial deposit and payments

The website voyage Vietnam reveals the deposit figure that is expected of you in order to book ant services. There is also a due date by which you are supposed to have paid the deposit depending on your booked tour dates. Failure to pay the deposit on time leads to a indefinite cancellation of trip. Payments are to be made either in cash, by telegraphic means or by means of credit card.

  • Refunds and penalties

Details concerning refunding of cash or attached penalties are also found in the website voyage Vietnam. This enables you to be super careful so as not to suffer a penalty out of ignorance. For instance, deposits are non- refundable apart from under certain conditions such as a cancellation of trip 45 days earlier. Any late notice concerning the same cannot escape the penalty. The penalties depend on the duration of notice given.